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We Will Buy Your Car

We not only sell used vehicles, we buy them too. It all begins with the appraisal

If you're looking to trade in your vehicle or sell a used car, bring your used vehicle into SUMMIT GM. Whether you have a sedan, a truck or an SUV, we have the expertise to buy all types of used vehicles. We take the hassle out of selling your used car because we want the same thing that you do. All we want is to offer the finest deal that benefits everyone! When you sell your used car to SUMMIT GM, you do not have to worry about negotiating an exceptional offer. We give it to you right away with an accurate appraisal and an immediate offer. Regardless of your cars age, mileage or condition bring it in to our dealership and let us buy it from you. No appointment necessary and the appraisal is free. In as little as 30 minutes we will give you a written quote that applies even if you don't buy a car from our dealership. We have a detailed process in place to ensure you get the best offer.

How Summit GM appraisals are different
  • Fast and free: Your appraisal can take as little as 30 minutes and you're welcome to watch while you wait.
  • No obligation: We'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours.
  • Our appraisers: They're specially trained to evaluate the cars we buy.
One-stop shopping:
Sell your current car and buy the vehicle of your choice at the same place! You can even apply your written offer towards the purchase of another.

How much is your car worth?
Our appraisers will inspect the following:
  • Mileage
  • Interior/Exterior conditions
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Structural damage
  • A test drive for mechanical issues
  • History report for possible flood or frame damage and any accidents
Using multiple sources of data, appraisers also check general factors that affect any car of similar make and model. Your car is compared against current and accurate market conditions, such as national sales trends and auction data. Once our appraisers analyze the information, we'll give you a free written offer.

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What you need to bring after Appraisal
What to bring with you Along with bringing your car to Shaw GMC, remember to have the following items. If you're missing some of the items required, we still may be able to complete the sale. We will guide you through the process and help you make arrangements to gather any missing items:

Your car's title or pay-off information
We will need your title to transfer the car's ownership, and it must be provided at the time of sale. All titleholders should be present.

Valid registration

We must see the car's current registration to confirm that you're the car's owner.

Valid Photo ID
All titleholders should bring a valid, photo identification.

Keys and remote
When selling us your car, it's important you provide us all sets of keys and remotes. If the original keys and remote to the car are missing, we may adjust the offer. The Determining Your Offer section lists what other factors may impact the offer.